How to Drive DVDs

Until now, circuit guides have been two-dimensional, words and diagrams on a printed page. That is certainly better than no guide at all, but it doesn't show you what the road looks like from the all important position - behind the wheel.

How to Drive DVDs

A completely new way to learn a circuit

How to Drive… is a unique product which takes circuit instruction to a new dimension.

How to Drive... uses exclusive new technology to sit you in the seat and show you what the road really looks like.

How to Drive Cadwell Park DVD How to Drive Brands Hatch DVD How to Drive Snetterton DVD How to Drive Oulton Park DVD

How to Drive takes the lap apart, slows it down, speeds it up and flattens it out wherever it is necessary, to give you a better understanding of the track and how best to drive it.

Using How to Drive... is like being there, sitting alongside an experienced tutor, at a fraction of the cost...

"Unique new DvD format active circuit guide. Real footage, 3D graphics, expert instruction from one of Britain's most respected tutors. "
"New technology shows you the line as you've never seen it before. Know your way round the circuit before you get there."
"Gives an exclusive aerial preview of the country's best known racetracks. Provides on screen experience for a faster, safer drive."
"How to Drive… sits you in the car alongside your instructor. Shows you what the circuit looks like from behind the wheel."