How to Drive DVDs

Until now, circuit guides have been two-dimensional, words and diagrams on a printed page. That is certainly better than no guide at all, but it doesn't show you what the road looks like from the all important position - behind the wheel.


"My wife bought me your How to Drive... DVDs of Cadwell and Brands for my birthday, and I watched them religiously before the season opener.

They must have worked; two pole positions, two race wins, one fastest lap and one new lap record. Thanks for the pointers, fingers crossed for the rest of the season.

Paul Hinson
Toyota MR2 Championship

"I just wanted to give you some feedback and thanks, following my first race in 4 years, which was at Oulton, a new circuit to me. Your video helped me a lot because I started out with at least some idea of what to do and where to go.

All the front-runners were there and I qualified 5th, and with about 6 tenths covering the first seven cars I was very happy. Shame my car is 15kg heavier than the other front-runners!!

I made a bad start unfortunately and got a bit smothered in the pack, but eventually came home 6th, on the tail of 4th and 5th places, we three covered by 8 tenths at the line.

I do believe your video helped me a great deal, so thanks for that."


"I raced at Cadwell a couple of weekends ago and got on great. Qualified 10th and finished 9th and 7th in Formula 4. I eventually managed a 1:36.60. I was struggling in the second part of Charilies to get the right line for a good exit and I could also tell I was also losing a bit of time in Barn Corner. I think with more confidence there is definitely scope to improve, so overall I was pleased.

The DVD was a big help. I'll buy a copy of your Snetterton DVD if you get me a price. I'm racing there in September, then at Silverstone in October with Monoposto."

James Chapman

"I'd never been to Oulton before, did one day's testing as well as watching the DVD, using the circuit guide and playing on the PS2, and I won!

The main difference it made was that I was able to go out on the first session of the test day knowing where the circuit went. I'd watched the DVD several times and so remembered the key points about each corner. That is particularly important at Oulton where a lot of the corners have either a blind entry, a blind exit, or both! My best lap times in that first session were only about a second slower than my ultimate pole position time, so it certainly gave me the confidence to attack the track that I wouldn't otherwise have had. It accelerated the learning process quite considerably.

I particularly like the aerial views and the blue 'sighting' lines for the corners, I thought that worked really well and was very clear."

Andrew Smith
Caterham Graduates Championship

"I qualified about 10 places higher than my previous best – so, really great stuff for the novice/mid-field driver!"

Andrew Hawken
Caterham Graduates Championship

"Mark Hales' How to Drive Dvd has been a great help to me recently, mainly because - refreshingly - he doesn't just tell you what to do but why you should be doing it. It made all the difference."

James Claridge
Race winner Lola Mk 5 Formula Junior