About Mark Hales - Racing Vehicles

Hales distinguishes himself by having raced or tested almost every type of racing car ever built, ranging from NASCAR and Formula One, through to Touring Cars and rare classic machines.

Some of the most prominent of which belonging to Nick Mason’s Ten Tenths Collection, including the Ferrari GTO valued at £5,000,000 that he drove to victory at Le Mans.

Racing Vehicles

Mark Hales has made a career out of driving the world's fastest and most exclusive cars on track and road. According to the Guinness Book of Records, at one time even holding the world 0-60mph record with Nick Mason's F40 Ferrari.

With over 30 years driving on road and track, as a professional journalist and racing driver, he has been fortunate to experience an incredibly wide range of automotive machinery including:

Formula One and International sports cars, American NASCAR Ford and Pontiac, CanAm McLaren, Lola etc, F3, F3000, F5000, Clubmans, Special Saloons, Production Saloons, GTs, GpN, Formula Ford, Group C2, British Touring Cars, German Touring Cars, French Superproduction Audi and Renault Super5, Carrera Cup 911, Hot Rods, Superstox, Formula One Stox, Oval Midgets, 4wd turbo rallycross cars - RS200, Metro 6R4 etc. Grasstrack specials, Clubmans Sports. Every kind of amateur special ever built. Historics and classic cars like 250F Maserati and Ferrari GTO, Bugatti Type 35B, ERA, Lister Chevrolet, Grifo Bizzarini, Ferrari 512S etc.

Hales continues to race regularly and, with a parallel career as a respected test driver and automotive journalist, adds new vehicles to the list on a weekly basis.