About Mark Hales - Racing Achievements

Hales distinguishes himself by having raced or tested almost every type of racing car ever built, ranging from NASCAR and Formula One, through to Touring Cars and rare classic machines.

Some of the most prominent of which belonging to Nick Mason’s Ten Tenths Collection, including the Ferrari GTO valued at £5,000,000 that he drove to victory at Le Mans.


Racing Achievements

Mark Hales has professionally campaigned in the following:

  • From then until now. Mainly historic racing in Europe and England. Anchor man for several prominent historic teams for the last 10 years
  • 1996 British National GT series, TVR Cerbera, driving for TVR factory, Carrera 2 in Pirelli Porsche Cup
  • 1995 British National GT series, TVR Cerbera, driving for TVR, Carrera 2 in Pirelli Porsche Cup
  • 1993/4 Winner of 1993 and 1994 Tuscan Challenges - driving for TVR Power. The first competitor to take title twice. Total of 19 victories
  • 1992 Porsche 968CS, driving for Porsche GB
  • 1990 British Touring Cars, Mitsubishi Starion, Lancer and Galant for Colt Cars - UK Mitsubishi importers
  • 1989 Uniroyal series, Champion Class A, Sierra Sapphire Cosworth for Firestone Tyres
  • 1988/89 Production Saloon cars, Champion Class A, Sierra Cosworth - total 16 victories. Driving for Firestone Tyres.
  • 1988 Willhire 25hr race, victory sharing with Swedish F1 driver and Abba drummer, Slim Borgudd
  • 1988 British Saloon Car Championship, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Supra turbo for Toyota GB
  • 1987 British Saloon Car Championship, Class B champion, Escort turbo, for Duckhams and Ford
  • 1986 British Saloon Car Championship, Alfa GTV6 for TDR