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Hales distinguishes himself by having raced or tested almost every type of racing car ever built, ranging from NASCAR and Formula One, through to Touring Cars and rare classic machines.

Some of the most prominent of which belonging to Nick Mason’s Ten Tenths Collection, including the Ferrari GTO valued at £5,000,000 that he drove to victory at Le Mans.


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Gallery Images Row 1 1936 ERA B-type Mark Hales driving a Jaguar D Type Gallery Images Row 2 Ferrari F60 Enzo Ferrari F60 Enzo Gallery Images Row 3 Modsports MG Midget 1962 Ferrari 250GTO Morgan GT2 Laguna Seca in 1998 1979 Ferrari 512BBLM at Le Mans Classic in 2006 1965 TVR Griffith at Spa in 2008