Discover and develop your on track skills with individual coaching from Mark Hales

You can be a better track driver, once you know why you do what you’re doing…


"Just a quick note to say thank you very much for your circuit guide for Oulton Park. It was immensely helpful and effective. It felt like you were in the car with me as I went out on to the track. I could hear your advice in my head as I approached each corner. It was great to feel familiar with the circuit from the first practice lap. The weather was pretty filthy but I had a wonderful time."


"Having spent several track sessions with different instructors, Mark really was a breath of fresh air. It is all too easy to sit in a car with an instructor and follow the instructions that are given, accelerate here, brake there, turn in now etc. Essentially you end up getting around because you have followed the verbal instructions provided, with little of one’s own application. Mark’s method was so very different and one that clearly produced results.
Mark began the day by establishing what it was the pupil wanted to achieve. Having done so, the day was made up of a series of lessons in the theory, followed by immediate practice on the track and putting into reality what had been learnt. Mark is firm but fair, but be under no illusion that you will require your full attention span and great concentration, there is little that escapes him. I came away feeling I had learnt a lot, had a far better understanding of the dynamics and limitations of the car, appreciated my own capabilities, but most of all, had a thoroughly enjoyable day in great company."

Angus Forsyth

"I am delighted that we could identify such a clear improvement opportunity, so it was good value for me. And I appreciated your determination to find a way of helping me apply it! Despite my thinly disguised frustration with myself, I had a good time and think it was a day v. well spent. Thanks for the company."


"Saturday at Cadwell was FANTASTIC! I enjoyed every minute. I found your coaching style very natural and informative, inspiring confidence throughout the day and it was beneficial to revisit some of the Masterclass tools I had learnt a couple of years ago. The day at Cadwell set a good starting point from which to develop and I haven't stop going on about hinting, heel and toe, bendy sticks and loading the front of the car. My partner thinks I've gone mad. Looking forward to Snetterton and will be expecting to 'Take the Bonus' on the exit of a good many corners..."